What's Included?

Use of the facilities for the package’s allotted time-frame (varies based on package), including:

  • Use  of  our  rustic,  open-air  pavilion
  • Use of our kitchen (*for warming, not for cooking)
  • Use of our built-in dance floor
  • Use of our sound system and 2 wireless lapel  microphone(s) for the ceremony
  • Use of our climate controlled, handicap accessible bathrooms
  • Use of the climate conditioned dressing room area
  • Tiered seating & dock ceremony area, so that  everyone gets a good  view  (the pavilion is the  backup plan for inclement  weather, which also offers gorgeous lakefront views)
  • Chairs for the ceremony (white folding chairs & wooden benches for ceremony)
  • Chairs for the reception (white folding chairs for the reception)
  • Tables for the reception (Rectangle tables are included in the standard package. Round tables are available for an additional charge.)
  • Fire  pit  area
  • Lake  fountain
  • Decor that’s already installed, including the crystal chandelier & commercial-grade string lights
  • Assistance with layout/table design plans (*on how the tables will be physically arranged - not coordinating)

*Tablecloths/linens, coordinating, flowers, decorations, and catering ARE NOT INCLUDED in our standard packages

2020 Pricing

Saturday Wedding Packages

100 total guests or less.... $2,500*

Up to 145 total guests...... $3,000*

-4pm-10pm Friday for rehearsal (and rehearsal dinner, if desired) 

-8am - midnight on the wedding day  

-Time  early Sunday morning to finish getting decor

**For more details on what is included, please contact us or look at the info above  or the pricing document PDF  below

Sunday Wedding Packages

$1,800 - $2,000* for up to 100 guests

-1pm until midnight on the day of the wedding.

-An  hour  time  slot  for  rehearsal  the  week  before*  (must  be  arranged  in  advance .  *Normally  rehersal  will  take  place  Monday-Thursday  the  week  before  if  there  is  a  Saturday  wedding)

 For more details please contact us or look at the document below.

*Please contact us for a specific quote, which is based on # of guests and date/time of year.

Weekday Wedding Packages (Monday - Thursday)*

$1,000 - $1,800* for up to 100 guests

*Please contact us for a specific quote, which is based on # of guests and date/time of year. 

Elopement Package (Monday through Thursday)*

$500-$1,000 for up to 25 people*

-  12  hour  use of the facilities for a small ceremony and small reception for up to 25 people (Monday through Thursday). 

-An hour time slot the day  before for rehearsal* (time must be scheduled in advance, based around timing of other events. *Monday  elopements  may  have  to  schedule  their  rehersal  time  for  a  day  the  week  before  if  there  is  a  Sunday  wedding). 

Other Events

We also love hosting graduation parties, birthday parties, formal events, business events, and family retreats. Please contact us for a pricing quote.

*Quotes are based on  # of people, date/time of year. *Sundays through Thursdays are offered at more affordable rates. Saturdays are charged a premium rate unless the date is near (within a few months or less) and unbooked. 

Services and Add-on Items

We offer floral design, and decorating services. Please contact us or see the document below for more details.

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We require a signed contract and a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to reserve a date on the calendar for a wedding  (currently  the  deposit  is  $750*). This reservation deposit goes towards the balance, but it is not refundable if you cancel or want to postpone or change your date. This  is  because  we hold this specific date for you and turn away other perspective clients. 

Please contact us for more information.

*deposit  rate  may  change  in  the  future


Wedding Packages 2020 (pdf)


Flower Pricing - General Info - 2018 (pdf)