Why is it usually more affordable to use a venue?

Rentals Add Up


Backyard weddings can be very special and beautiful, but the unfortunate reality of hosting a larger event at home is the unforeseen costs that add up and often far exceed the costs of using a venue. For example, you'll likely need a tent, which will probably cost $700-$1,600+, you'll probably need to consider additional toilet facilities and rent port-a-potties or some alternative like a bathroom trailer (which normally runs $1,200+ alone). Also, if you're in an area without electricity (field/backyard/farm) you will need to think about getting a generator and having someone in charge of it. You'll need chairs and tables. The list goes on and on...

It Takes Time and Oraganization


Planning a wedding or larger event can tend to be stressful in and of itself. The added stress that can arise from organizing all the many different vendors can become overwhelming (chair and table rentals, tent rental, toilet/port-a-potty rental).  You'll need agreements/contracts from each vendor, and you'll also need to coordinate the arrival times/pickup times with each vendor for before and after the event.     



If you are putting together an event or wedding on your own, you'll find that many rental companies will not include the set-up of their products (tables, chairs, dance floor, etc) in their initial pricing and that delivery is also an added charge. You will likely either need to pay an extra fee to have things set up or recruit/hire extra labor to help set these items up before your event and break them back down after your event. Many venues include set-up of seating & tables in their packages.