Layout Info & Examples, Table Info, Rain Back-up Plans

**Please note that the below layout examples are for illustrative purposes to be used to give our clients ideas. Some add-on items might be on the layout example that are an additional charge. Please carefully review the information below in detail. Please ask in advance if you have any questions!

General Layout Information


The number of tables you'll have depends almost entirely on how many guests you have. Sometimes you won't have a really definite # until your RSVP's start coming in (and even then many people are notoriously bad at sending back accurate RSVP's). So, until you get a more definite #, it can be hard to determine the exact number of tables you'll want to use.

It is important to take the measurements of the facility into consideration when deciding on which layout will work best for your event. 


  • TENT: The 30'x10' tent is featured in a few of the layout options. It is not needed for a wedding of 100 or less, but some people choose to add it to allow a little extra room or because of personal preference. It is $135 for us to set up the tent. If it is up from a previous wedding we usually offer it for free (If you are interested in trying to wait and get it for free, we suggest checking around 3 weeks ahead of your event date, otherwise if you don't feel comfortable waiting that long, then we suggest adding it to your invoice in advance. It becomes confusing to keep up with who has what added and notifying different people when someone else adds something etc, which is why we ask you to check back closer to the date if you're concerned about paying for the extra fee)
  • BAR(S): Please note that the bar may be illustrated on some of the layouts in different areas. It is not included in the standard package, but can be added if you'd like. If it is out from a previous wedding, we offer it for free in wherever its current location is from the previous wedding. We currently have 2 bars. We have been leaving one of the bars in the screened-in room and hope to continue to do this throughout the wedding season.

Table Measurements and Info

*The standard wedding package comes with rectangle tables.

The majority of our rectangle tables are 96"long x 30"wide x 30"tall (aka 8' x 2.5'). 

We have a small round table that is commonly used as the "head table", which is  40" in diameter. 

We have a couple of smaller rectangle tables that are 5' x 2' or 4' x 2'. 

Our larger round tables are 60" in diameter 

*there may be an extra labor charge to use more than 2 of our large round tables - $100 for up to 11 round tables. We currently only own 11, so please let us know as soon in advance as possible if you will be needing more than 11 and we'll work up a quote for you

Tablecloth measurements

Rectangle Tables: 

Floor length cloths will need to be approx. 156”long x 90”wide

Mid-length cloths will need to be approx. 120”long x 60”

Round Tables: 

Floor-length cloths will need to be approx. 120” in diameter

Mid-length cloths will need to be approx. 90” in diameter 

*Both the round and rectangle tables mentioned above usually seat up to 8 people (7 would be optimal for the round tables, but 8 works. You can seat up to 10 at the rectangle tables, but we advise against this due to seating people on the ends and blocking walkways).

**We currently offer white floor-length table linen rentals for our tables (both round and rect.) for $15/each*. Our current price includes ironing the linens and delivering them to our venue. We can get other colors. If you want a specific color or style, please let us know and we will get you more information on pricing and availability. 

*Price subject to change

Rain Backup Plans

It's always good to have a backup plan for rain, so please be thinking about a “just in case” plan if there’s any chance of rain in the forecast. I've outlined some options below. If rain does happen, then a lot depends on your personal preferences. I would definitely keep an eye on the forecast and talk to your caterer. 

First, I would also suggest having 5 or so people in charge of moving things around for you just in case rain looks like it's going to happen (if you don't have a coordinator with a team of people). I would ask these people about this in advance and go over the plan with them so that everyone feels confident and people aren't running around in stressed out chaos. 

Layout Options for Rain:

  • Easiest Option: Some people choose to leave their guests seated at the tables they'll be using during the reception. Usually the tables are moved to form an aisle for the bride. I normally suggest having the ceremony at the end overlooking the lake with the fountain in the background. You should discuss the food storage/placement options with your caterer. Either they can leave the food packed up (which they may be doing already depending on the time the food is scheduled to be served) or they can move the food tables over to the side a bit (while being careful to keep them out of the rain).  
  • Takes a Little More Planning Option: This option takes a little more planning and usually works better for smaller weddings (100 or less). The tables are moved to the sides or back and chairs are set up separately to create a seating area with aisle. 

*A few notes: 1). For some reason, the back side nearest the bathrooms tends to be the area where the rain will come in the most (about 5 feet) during a downpour. The rest of the sides usually don't have too much rain coming in (about 1 or 2 feet depending on the angle and severity of the rain). 2.) We do have tent sides, but don't recommend using them unless it's going to be very cold, very windy, or a severe storm. They impede air flow and can make it quite stagnant if it's warm outside.