General Layout Information


The number of tables you'll have depends almost entirely on how many guests you have. Sometimes you won't have a really definite # until your RSVP's start coming in (and even then many people are notoriously bad at sending back accurate RSVP's). So, until you get a more definite #, it can be hard to determine the exact number of tables you'll want to use.

It is important to take the measurements of the facility into consideration when deciding on which layout will work best for your event. 


  • TENT: The 30'x10' tent is featured in a few of the layout options. It is not needed for a wedding of 100 or less, but some people choose to add it to allow a little extra room or because of personal preference. It is $150 for us to set up the tent. If it is up from a previous wedding we usually offer it for free (If you are interested in trying to wait and get it for free, we suggest checking around 3 weeks ahead of your event date, otherwise if you don't feel comfortable waiting that long, then we suggest adding it to your invoice in advance. It becomes confusing to keep up with who has what added and notifying different people when someone else adds something etc, which is why we ask you to check back closer to the date if you're concerned about paying for the extra fee)
  • BAR(S): Please note that the bar may be illustrated on some of the layouts in different areas. It is not included in the standard package, but can be added if you'd like. If it is out from a previous wedding, we offer it for free in wherever its current location is from the previous wedding. We currently have 2 bars. We have been leaving one of the bars in the screened-in room and hope to continue to do this throughout the wedding season. 

Please check with us NO LATER THAN A WEEK BEFORE YOUR EVENT TO CONFIRM EVERY DETAIL OF THE LAYOUT. If we do not have confirmation, we will set up the layout to the best of our knowledge/recommendation and cannot guarantee that we can move any heavy objects or assist with any special decor without at least a week's notice. 

Table Measurements and Info

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