Make a Rain Backup Plan

It's always good to have a backup plan for rain, so please be thinking about a “just in case” plan, especially if there’s any chance of rain in the forecast. We've outlined some options below. If rain does happen, then a lot depends on your personal preferences. We suggest keeping an eye on the forecast and talking to your caterer (if they may be in a different location depending on the weather). 

We suggest having 5 or so people in charge of moving things around for you if rain looks like it's going to happen (if you don't have a coordinator with a team of people). Please ask these people in advance and go over the plan with them so that everyone feels confident and people aren't running around in stressed out chaos. 

Layout Options for Rain:

  • Easiest Option: Guests stay seated at the tables they'll be using during the reception. Usually the tables are moved to form an aisle for the bridal party to walk down. We suggest having the ceremony at the end overlooking the lake with the fountain in the background. You should discuss the food storage/placement options with your caterer. Either they can leave the food packed up (which they may be doing already depending on the time the food is scheduled to be served) or they can move the food tables (while being careful to keep them out of the rain).  
  • Takes a Little More Planning Option: This option takes a little more planning and usually works better for smaller weddings (100 or less). The tables are moved to the sides or back and chairs are set up separately to create a seating area with aisle. 

*A few notes: 1). For some reason, the back side nearest the bathrooms tends to be the area where the rain will come in the most (about 5 feet) during a downpour. The rest of the sides usually don't have too much rain coming in (about 1 or 2 feet depending on the angle and severity of the rain). 2.) We do have tent sides, but don't recommend using them unless it's going to be very cold, very windy, or a severe storm. They impede air flow and can make it quite stagnant if it's warm outside.