What is Included?

  • Use of the facilities for the package’s allotted time-frame (varies based on package), including:
  • Use of our sound system and wireless microphone(s)
  • Use of our kitchen (*for warming, not for cooking)
  • Use of our built-in dance floor
  • Use of our climate controlled, handicap accessible bathrooms
  • Use of the climate conditioned dressing room area
  • Chairs for the ceremony (White folding chairs for ceremony)
  • Chairs for the reception. (White folding chairs for the reception if 100 guests or less. Beige folding chairs for the reception if over 100)
  • Tables for the reception (Rectangle tables are included in the standard package. Round tables are available for an additional charge.)
  • Decor that’s already installed, including the chandelier, commercial-grade string lights, and white paper lanterns
  • Assistance with layout plans (*on how the tables will be physically arranged - not coordinating).