Event/Wedding insurance

Additional Information

If you have homeowners or renters insurance (for the place you live),  it  may cover you for liability if you host a party at another property/location (only for liability [if someone got hurt etc]), not for things that a dedicated event/wedding insurance plan would cover, such as if there's a weather disaster, illness, etc). Contact your insurance agent to  verify  this  and  to get more information. 

You can also purchase  wedding insurance from places like Progressive that will cover your investment into the event/wedding in case something unforeseen happens (military deployment, illness, death, emergencies, weather disasters, etc). We strongly encourage all of our clients to look into this further to protect your  financial investment into your wedding (many vendors have non-refundable deposits, etc).

Also, if you do already have liability coverage through your homeowners or renter’s insurance, you may want to look for a plan that offers the option of separating liability and cancellation insurance (so that you only have to pay for cancellation coverage). Some wedding insurance companies offer the option and some don't (which is why it's important to research your options).

*More info on wedding insurancehttps://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-insurance-101

*Some wedding insurance options (please also look over reviews and double check on the reputation and reliability of insurer before selecting an option):