client resources and tools

Layout Examples & Measurements


Seating layout examples and information on table measurements and tablecloth size recommendations.

General Rules & Decorations Guide


There are certain rules and guidelines our clients are required to follow. Please make sure you look over this info carefully and ask any questions far in advance of your event.

Rain Backup Plans


Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Please don't be caught out in the rain without a backup plan! 

Important Info/Planning Advice/DIY Music Guide


Chaos on a wedding day. It isn't pretty. Please look over this important info and general advice to help limit the chaos as much as possible. 

Wedding Budget Planning & Advice


"Why are weddings so expensive? How much should I plan to save? Is that a fair price?" Some answers to common budget questions and examples of how much you should expect to spend.

Table Measurements and linen recommendations


"What size cloths should I get?" Click below for the answers.

Event/Wedding Insurance


We HIGHLY encourage our clients to consider purchasing event/wedding cancellation insurance to cover their investment. No one can predict the weather or illness. Please carefully research which insurance plan is right for you.

Local Vendors & Local Accommodations


There are a number of great local businesses that can take care of your catering, DJ, and other event needs. There are also a number of restaurants and accommodations as short drive away from the venue. 

ABC info & Marriage Licenses


You have alcohol or marriage license questions? The button below sends you to the page with the links to the answers. 


If you are one of our valued clients, we are happy to offer you some added tools just for you that will help you prepare for your special day! Please click below to log into your customized detailed page.